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Ali is the son of a wealthy family, in his thirties. He is prisoned for a long time for murdering a man called Ahmet. Ali has been exchanging letters for the last years of his imprisonment with a girl, Mavi. When Ali's penalty ends, Mavi comes to meet him on his first day of freedom. Ali and Mavi almost know each other, thanks to the letters they have been sending. Ali and Mavi decide to get married after a short while. Mavi didn't choose Ali out of all the people in prison as a pen friend just by coincidence. Mavi is Ahmet's sister who died years ago and her life turned into a nightmare after this incident. She wants to kill Ali on their wedding night as her brother is also killed on his wedding. But she doesn't know the truth. The real murderer is Ali's brother Cemal. Ali, took the blame and went to prison instead of his brother because Cemal is married and has kids. In fact, Ali saw Mavi's ID during the marriage procedures and learned the truth but kept silent, for the name of love. Mavi stabs Ali on their wedding night. Ali, takes a few scars and says he won't file a complaint if Mavi accepts to live together. Mavi tries to object this decision but an impossible love would begin between them.
Deniz, after many years, communicates with her secondary school love Yiğit. Yiğit, after a long break, has come back to the country and he has wanted to meet Deniz. Deniz accepts the request of her first love excitedly. When she goes to the meeting place, she sees that Yiğit who was short and fat in the past has now turned into a handsome man. But years have treated Deniz brutally. After the bankrupt of her father, while she was trying to stand against the difficult conditions of life, she has turned into a rather uncared girl. And on top of that, when she had rose disease which she inherited from her father, her beauty has been overshadowed. When her first love comes to the meeting place, he does not recognize her. He passes by her and goes. This situation causes Deniz feel herself bad. Deniz who wants to remain beautiful in her first love's mind's eye requests from her home mate İrem who is a very beautiful girl, to take her place for one day. İrem introduces herself as Deniz and goes out for dinner with Yiğit and she tells him that she will no see him any more because she will go abroad. In fact, there wait hard days for Deniz who thinks that she has hidden her ugliness from her first love and closed this matter forever: In this work which she has got into very difficultly, the name in the first place is Yiğit. On the other hand, when İrem, using Deniz's name again, keeps on seeing Yiğit, things fall into confusion.
Aylin is married with the famous brain surgent Yekta Harmanlı. Yekta is an obsessed guy who wants everything to be perfect. Aylin's life turns to be a nightmare when she finds out her husband's true face. Their first child Kaan, turns out to be violent person day by day like his father. when Aylin learns that she is pregnant with her second child, she makes a plan with the help of her friends. She fakes her second child's death during the delivery. She gives the baby to her brother and his wife whom haven't managed to have a baby for some time. Her brother's wife agrees on to keep her secret and take care of the baby exchange of money. 5 years pass... Aylin manages to save enough money to run away from her husband; but that plan fails when Yekta finds the money. On the other hand, her brother's wife who agrees on to take care of the baby, gets frustrated when she fails to get the promised financial support from Aylin. She shares this situation with her lover. And her lover ,who aims to leak some money from Yekta, tells him that his child which he assumes to be dead is alive. Aylin's life gets on top of her when Yekta finds out this secret. Her childhood love Uras would be the only one that helps her within this hell...
Eylül is tired of her stepfather's abuse and she tells this situation to her mother and her life changes: Her mother prefers giving Eylül to an orphanage instead of leaving her husband. Eylül will make different friends in that orphanage which is newly opened in the middle of a luxurious neighborhood. These girls who are excluded from the society are humiliated and slandered by rich guys of the area. When none of the public schools accept them because of this slander, the dormitory principal registers them to the luxurious private college of the neighborhood. Now life is more difficult for Eylül and her three friends among the rich and spoiled guys in their new school. Cemre and Defne, who always bully Eylül and her friends at the college, are one of the richest families. One day Cemre's father, Sinan, commits a suicide and he also kills his wife accidently. Relatives of Sinan neither undertake his debt nor adopt Cemre. Therefore Cemre is obliged to settle into an orphanage. Defne and her rich friends turn their back on Cemre but Eylül and her friends at the orphanage hold Cemre's hand. On one hand Eylül and her friends, who try to stand upright against the board of collage and spoiled students of the school who are seeking an opportunity to expel them, and at the same time they try to find their families, to solve life problems. They will learn big lessons from these dilemmas and they will learn to fall in love, to make mistakes, to overcome the problems altogether by collaborating with each other. This is the survival story of young girls in their big world...
Pınar ,daughter and the only heir of decendent famous businessman Mr Raif, decides to file for divorce secretly when she finds out that her husband , Kürşat, is doing dirty business with a mafia called Cengizhan and he is after her company. Her only aim is to get her daughter Elif and have a happy life together. Unaware of her wife's plan, Kürşat learns Pınar's plans for divorce from a threat of Cengizhan. If the divorce occurs, Kürşat will fail to pay his debt to Cengizhan and they will either take his or his daughter Elif's life. So, Kürşat conspire's a car accident against Pınar to fake her death as an accident and assumes that she is dead. Orhan, who crashes to Kürşat's car, witnesses everything Kürşat does to Pınar and tells them to his brother Yusuf. Yusuf goes out in search for this woman that he doesn't know at all and saves her. When Pınar wakes up, she calls Mr Vedat for help, who is his father's old friend and the internal lawyer. On the other hand, Orhan who tells everything happened during the accident, is murdered by Cengizhan. Yusuf and Pınar, whose roads are gets crossed by faith, get focused on doing only one thing; avenge Kürşat and Cengizhan. While Yusuf keeps on the right side of Cengizhan for revenge, Pınar gets a face operation with the help of Mr Vedat and confronts Kürşat. She plans to claim that she is her father's other daughter and get her company and her daughter back from Kürşat.

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Sıla is a young girl who shortly after being born is snatched away from her family and her roots. Taken to Istanbul where she is adopted by a rich family who tell her that all her family died. Although from an eastern origins, Sıla is brought up in a modern western style. One day her perfect life crumbles when she meets her so-called dead family and their backward traditions. Her real father suddenly appears and lies that her mother is dying and she goes to Mardin to see her. Her life soon changes, when she is forced to marry to Boran Agha, a total stranger, to save the life of her elder brother. Now Sıla is imprisoned in a world where tradition, not law, reigns. She searched for ways to free herself and each day makes plans for her escape. Nevertheless, she struggles to run away from the growing and hopeless love she feels towards Boran Agha. This tale takes place in the magical city of Mardin on the fruitful plains of Mesopotamia- a place of terraced buildings, shy windows and narrow lanes, where tradition challenges law and love challenges tradition.



ATV Distribution will be in ATF between December 7-9, 2016 in Singapore!


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